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Staging Tips

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Staging a home is all about making the best possible first impression on prospective buyers.

Here are three staging tips that will help make your home look larger and less cluttered.

1. SWAP COLORS FOR NEUTRAL TONES. White, grey and beige are your friends when staging your home. Swap brightly colored curtains or bed linens for white ones (even in the kids' rooms!). Target and Ikea have some super affordable options. Painting the walls lighter can make a room appear bigger, too.

2. SWAP DARK OR MOODY ARTWORK FOR MIRRORS. If you want to make a room feel larger, hang a mirror on the wall! Not only do mirrors reflect light, they reflect the view, which tends to lend a perception of more space.

3. CLEAR A PATHWAY. Even if you love the end table you have next to the sofa, excess furniture may make your space feel cluttered -- and therefore, smaller. Buyers might not fall in love with your great-grandmother's antique sewing table, but they will fall in love with your open floor plan and layout.

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